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Countercrisis needs help!

Public entry because this is important. Those of you who know me well should know this is one of those extremely important causes for me.

CounterCrisis HELP!

The Lovejoy Clinic in Oregon has contacted CounterCrisisNW for the third time this MONTH with a client who needs help with funding her abortion. She is 26 years old and she drove from Boise, ID (a ... 9 hour drive or so?) to Portland for her abortion. When she arrived, she discovered that she is going to be short on funds - about $600 short.

Her abortion appointments are scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week. CounterCrisis (largely through the amazing generosity of all of you) has managed to help fund two other abortions this month, but we're TAPPED right now.

We have 36 hours before we call the Lovejoy Clinic with the amount that we can send. If you have ANYTHING, even $5, that you can spare for a lady in need of an abortion, please send it along via Zorah's PayPal button.

For those of you that know either of us, you know that we're on the up and up. CounterCrisis NW has assisted in funding many wymyn's abortions in the Northwest in the last year and a half ... if you're uncertain if this is for real? I don't know ... maybe someone will vouch for us. Actually, so would the Lovejoy Clinic in Portland.

Please, feel free to pass this along. Every little bit helps.

Thank you!!!