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Look, if you're really that freaked out and/or shocked about the Alito confirmation and your primary reason is because of abortion rights, then put your money or time where your mouth is:

Become a clinic escort.

If you've had an abortion, submit your story to I'm Not Sorry.

If you're a college student, get involved with your campus pro-choice or feminist organization(s). If one doesn't exist, find out how to create one.

Get involved with your local women's groups. If one doesn't exist, create it.


Send postcards to your local clinics thanking them for just staying open. (It's my understanding that because of anthrax and other threats, most clinics prefer postcards over sealed envelopes.)

Sign up for email lists from pro-choice organizations.

Make a zine or a public blog that just openly and frankly discusses abortion.

Donate to groups that help women afford abortions (i.e., http://www.countercrisis.org or http://www.nnaf.org/fundinfo.html)

See if your local clinic has a "Pledge-a-Picket" program. If not, make a flat donation to them.

Are you crafty? Artsy? Have a lot of junk laying around? eBay your stuff and donate a portion of the proceeds to a pro-choice group - there are quite a few listed.

If your local or preferred clinic/non-profit isn't listed through Missionfish, contact them. They might not be aware that you can easily donate money via eBay & Missionfish's partnership.

Wear a shirt, patch, bracelet, necklace, lapel pin, button, etc. that puts out a pro-choice message. Don't have any of this stuff? Try to DIY something.

Freely pass these ideas along. If, due to money or time constraints, you can't take part in any of this, maybe someone you know can do it.

X-posted to feminist & imnotsorry.